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I drive a tri axle dump truck for a road construction company. I drove tractor trailer over the road for a lil over a year but it wasn't panning out 4 me so I gave it up and now I'm driving tri axles, I love my job and the people I work w/ are awesome! I like football, basketball & hockey (all about Pittsburgh), my fav basketball team is the Chicago Bulls. I like 2 travel, camp, shoot pool, go bowling and play video games...I'm not ur average girl and def not a girly girl however, I do get dolled up when I go out and 4 special occasions. ..ne thing else u wanna know just ask.
Music: Pretty much ne thing...I'm not really big on rap and country...it all just depends on the sound and the artist.
TV: CSI Miami & CSI NY, Criminal Minds, NCIS, South Park, Family Guy, and a few others that aren't really all that important 2 mention.
Books: Stephen King, Twilight Saga, The Crow, anything 2 do w/ witches and vampires and medieval times.
Sports: Football, hockey and basket ball...Big time Steelers fan and Pittsburgh Penguins fan.
Interests: Music, poetry, foreign culture and traveling.
Movies: My all time fav movie is the Crow, I love the fast & furious movies, The Twilight Saga, the Goonies, E.T, Stephen King movies, I like a lot of Adam Sandler's movies...absolutely love ne thing w/ Vin Diesel or Johnny Depp., and 2 many others 2 mention.
BestFeatures: definitely my eyes and my dimples.
Dreams: Lets see....my biggest dream would b 2 own my own home and buy my dad's house as well so I could he could retire early and take his money and enjoy the rest of his life w/out the worries of a mortgage payment, property taxes and other bills that come w/ having a home...I'd also love 2 start my own chain of truck stops/restaurants.

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