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    5 ft. 10 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Financial Services
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Divorced and NO KIDS, but I still want children. A log time has past and I am ready to find my one true love. People would describe me as very kind, generous, down to earth, adventurous and pleasant to be around, someone you can always count on for help with something. I work as a corporate executive for a national financial services company where I help manage hundreds of Financial Advisors across the U.S.. I work from home and have lived in my home for 17 years. I am a big part of my community and am close with my neighbors and their kids. I am the first person people come to in the event of an emergency. I am always up for getting together with close friends to play games, sing karaoke, or just watching movies. I am romantic and outgoing.. I love sports (especially mountain biking), outdoor activities, nature, etc. I also like to cuddle on the couch and watch movies and singing talent shows like American Idol and The Voice :) I LOVE RIDING BIKES, SO YOU MUST RIDE BIKES OR BE WILLING TO LEARN TO RIDE BIKE AND TO LOVE THE PASSION OF RIDING BIKES :)

What I am looking for

Someone who does not have PPS (Pampered Princess Syndrome). Someone who doesn't expect things to be easy and to be handed to them. You have to work for what you want in life and if you want the best relationship, then you have to work for it. If you are HUMBLE, not demanding, and a NO DRAMA kind of person, and you love me they way I need to be loved....COMPLETELY, I WILL PUT YOU ON THE HIGHEST PEDESTAL AND WILL DO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY AND MAKE SURE YOU GET THE BEST OF WHAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER. If you are a spoiled, selfish brat, or someone who wants money, OR SOMEONE JUST OUT OF A RELATIONSHIP, please do not contact me. If you do not realize this is a diverse cultural relationship we are creating and you are not willing to grow and change, just a little bit, then please look for someone else. I am willing to change and grow for you. i AM WILLING TO MOVE TO YOUR COUNTRY TO DATE AND MARRY YOU IF WE HAVE THE RIGHT CHEMISTRY. Do yourself a favor and break down your barriers and walls and approach me with an open mind and open heart. THIS shows you are ready for a relationship!

I am looking for someone who is very easy going and laid back, BUT WHO IS NOT LAZY ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS OR WORK OR HOME. I am willing to put in more than my 100%, but please KNOW HOW TO COOK, IF YOU HAVE A CHILD, KNOW HOW TO RAISE HIM/HER PROPERLY, be a forward thinker and most of all HAVE AN OPEN HEART AND BE OPEN MINDED TO GROWTH AND CHANGE. It doesn't mean you have to change who you are but God does want us to GROW TOGETHER, RIGHT?

It would be awesome if you like intimacy like holding hands, kissing, being romantic. Watching movies, singing songs, riding bikes, outdoor activities. It would be great if you like adventure, the outdoors and travelling. But PLEASE have your own life and interests and show that you are successful at what you do, whatever it is. I look forward to meeting my better half!