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    High School
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If you can get past my shortcomings, you will find I’m awesome. I talk a lot, not necessarily always interesting but you don’t have to worry about too much awkward silence with me and if our relationship fails, it won’t be because I didn’t tell you a million times what bothered me. I never had a cavity or broke a bone. I’m unique. You will quickly realize that because it’s a vast combination of things. Like I’ve never paid for garbage pickup and can chain-smoke cigarettes for a week straight and then not even think about a cigarette until I go gambling again. I have a pet roach because I hate killing anything. It would be fair to label me a right-wing extremist. I have a broad knowledge of correct information and have gotten better at not making mistakes. I’m a very harsh critic of myself and I know I expect perfection, so I’ll do my best to remember that when judging you. I have enough money to take care of myself, just myself, without working so don’t expect anything different in the future. I like to smoke hash. I seriously don’t give a crap what you do as long as it’s not ruining my good time.

What I am looking for

3-5 days a week, I’m working on a never ending list of projects around the house (I fix or build just about everything) or completing the other various tasks that come up. 2-3 days a week, especially in the summer, I go for hikes every time I leave the house, rides in the truck and swimming or a combination of all. I can hike about 7 miles round trip, before it gets tough. I would be super excited to wake up at 5 in the morning to climb Mount Lassen or anything like that. I am super passionate about driving the truck into the wilderness and filling the bed up with anything of value. My favorite time of year is the firewood cutting season and for me it’s evolved into an activity with mild to moderate exercise that ends with a cookout so if you don’t want to cut wood with me, I am not for you. I love swimming and I define it as: paddling tubes around a lake while jumping off cliffs into cold water or tubing down a warm river or swimming and tubing a small section of river. Yes, you will see snakes and lot of other critters. I’m the type of person who will swing by the quarry on the way home from the lake and expect you to help me load up the truck with rocks in your water socks. 1 time a week or less, I will take us so deep into the wilderness that we have to tell people when to report us missing. These trips will make you feel feelings that remind you you’re alive. It’s honest to goodness adventure with very legitimate danger and if you don’t think that’s fun, well you’re not fun. My life has been a string of adventures and I’ve been making both sexes cry on the side of a mountain since I was teenager so you are going to have to be emotionally fit because I’m not interested in causing a stranger’s breakdown. I have an impeccable record of returning people without major injuries so don’t worry. I’m geared up to do all these things with one other person. About 4 times a year I go to Las Vegas. Assuming it’s summer, this is how it goes down. We wake up in the back of my car near the nuclear bomb test site. I check us in at 4 Queens, and then we go swimming in Lake Mead. After showers, I start doing drugs, chain-smoking and gambling. The next day, I take us to red rock canyon, and we’ll get high and maybe see a rock climber fall. As the sun sets, we’ll zoom back downtown for the free concert, where I will have 2 blunts and a Coke bottle full of Southern Comfort. I will get so wasted I won’t gamble. The next day the degeneracy continues until Monday morning, when over breakfast, we talk about how it’s a good thing we’re leaving, fire up the Smash album, the pipe and tear off into the godforsaken desert onto our next adventure.